Saturday, November 5, 2011

the roar of a wave could drown the whole word

all day, beating my head, my fingertips
copywriting for a corporate company

the only voices i hear in my head
repeat the same drab chorus

"Never again! Never again!"

what it amounts to is

copywriting means to copy writing

yeta bata chorne, uta bata chorne, 
ali ali taaltool garepachhi ready!

selling products with unique selling points
in recycled packaging

but even when i write from the heart
always, always
all i seem to do is

yeta bata chorne, uta bata chorne

selling personal experiences
in public vocabulary

borrowing from others who penned down things that resist being worded
depending, gleefully, on their experience, their courage
their sheer stupidity at attempting the impossible

like this song by Bob Dylan

this song; a hard rain that's a fallin' on my being
beating, beating
attacking the length of my spine
and my heart
waking up goosebumps all through my skin
before my head can make any sense of it.

my insides are itching with a strong drive to write
what is true.

what is true
plunges in and out of silence.

words, words, when will you be ready to wear my story?


  1. selling personal experiences
    in public vocabulary

    (this is exactly what i feel i have been doing.) and need to overcome this word high jasto!!

  2. hehhehehe i know what you're talking about! bichara... it's been that much fun huh?

  3. oh! my! gawwwd! i feel like roadkill at the moment.