Tuesday, August 18, 2009

of love

love is the delusion
that makes you hungry in the dark

what? what what what what what?
here now
this is crap atop crap atop crap atop crap

you, me
between us this dangling compromise

we do not touch
not touch
thinking reveals

arched memories
and punctured minds
is always the otherside of the coin
the one that faces not us

we don't win
even in memory we don't grin
love is the sad byproduct
of an abundance of time
and space
and indulgent idleness
and the mastery of dubious self deception

the soul sleeps
and the soul is a whore
love is the tired
wind that passes
so softly

nothing shatters ever more

love is forlorn
crap is love
but this time
i saw your face
and felt my skin stretch to a half smile
and then i recognized

love is the deluision
that makes you snarl and drool
even when you're bellyfull

yuck! forget it!
who wants to write about love anyway!


the song pours
my ear twitches
love is a whore
love is a whore

Thursday, August 6, 2009

delayed fading

a love that scars is a love that lasts.
love made permanent in scar.
so that even when memory fades,
remembrance is the name evoked by sleeping wounds.