Friday, November 18, 2011

grabbing life by the ass when you think you're holding it by the face

all my initiations into love
shut down at the door
of self loathing.


  1. Love came to my door
    With a sleeping roll
    And a madman's soul
    He thought for sure I'd seen him
    Dancing up a river in the dark
    Looking for a woman
    To court and spark

    Knock, knock! Is that delightful woman I met in?
    (The song is Court and Spark by Joni Mitchell)

  2. When the time is ripe, it is firm. When time is rotten, it is mushy. Nothing to do but deliberate.

    But I think love is over-rated. Ha.

  3. thuski!

    stumbling along until then hola. kati ko nachahido dukha ke tara.

    (delighted to find something on your blog. :))