Saturday, November 19, 2011


what happens when two mirrors look into each other?

is born out of happiness
and joy multiplies to fill up quiet corners.

dimensions as yet undiscovered
begin to murmur numbers

as infinity learns to count itself.


  1. A spark
    in one
    a spark
    in the other.

  2. Another response here:

  3. in dirt
    in confusion
    in joy
    in liberation
    amidst all
    silently echoes the sound of his
    greatly soothing my heart
    and moistening my eyes...
    he rings
    ajab bani re kaya ajab bani...
    chalo malik ji ka des
    ....basaiya re marho bhaav nagari
    bhav nagari ho bhav nagari...
    chalo hamara des....

  4. since everyone is in poetic comment mood sort

    it's just a fleeting moment
    that last till tears falls
    the tear cleanses the mirror
    what did the mirror see
    what does it see now
    dimensons as yet undiscovered
    begins to murmur words
    as we hope
    when we are falling down
    the abyss

  5. haha. i am soooo loving it.

    much, much more than macdonald's. :P

  6. haha atti ....well yes macdonald's is a evil corporation with a catch phrase that has love somewhere why they ...also rumi is good poet well i didn't know he even existed till i read come come where ever you are :)(also i don't make this sort(:)) of sign well have to express one self somehow i guess :)...

  7. you are welcome about rumi because rumi welcomes you everywhere, always.

    and yes yes you learn to evolve and adapt. hoina ta? :)

    hehe. who are you?

    you sound toooooooooo familiar.

  8. sorry and thank you ,it was suppose to be whoever* sorry for the mistake and thank you for brushing it off .. its my eyes its my eyes really..
    but yes rumi will welcome everyone everywhere
    also yes we learn to evolve and adapt
    oh how i am putting so much energy to learn, evolve and adapt, its like you read my mind seriously
    about who am i
    personally i think you don't know me ...
    and well i don't know you too ...
    but i am suppose to be the one with choices like neo haray kay hehe seriosuly have to work on my megalomania thing too
    well since i am writing things i have to tell you this...oh how well you write prose too.I have read one of your prose hai god it was good ..Do you know that you write sort of like anton chekov well i think, that is ..seriously i am not telling this to blandish should try some absurdist works ...ok now that i have told you this back to my hermit mode ...

  9. i remember the one with choices! so is this the ultimate choice you made? nothingness?

    wise. very wise.

    i have never read chekov, but now i am very tempted to. thank you and keep sharing more. :)