Wednesday, April 29, 2009

why, yes!

we must have been made this way
so that love could be possible

be water (ii)

and while the mind neglects,
water flows, on the other side of the glass,
unable to wash.

be water

For a moment,
I was a song and I lay beside raindrops
And while they heard not a sound,
Pearls danced in my eyes.

But here this fume,
And chaos is imprinted in my soul.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

error #256

"You're living for nothing now
I hope you're keeping some kind of record"

Yes, dearest, I am.


if you want to talk matter over mind
lay your cheek against mine
feel the crisp pulsating rhythm
of silence
as heartbeats build up

not as sounds
but as insurmountable experience
piled one against another

i am
and there is a voice in me
and everything i speak is a lie
a lie!
i am

and as i go farther from you
i witness my own truth vanish
diminish first
but gone, eventually

am i a flake of your life
am i the darkness that almost surrounds your light?
as i let flake fall into darkness

no, it is not emptiness i find

everywhere groping, grasping
these lies...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I'm back out of track

the tragedies you breed in the farm of your heart
keep me alive
amidst the songs of L. Cohen
in between lines sung by a voice
that almost wishes it had not spoken

You send me regards
I send you regrets

I'm always glad you stand in my way

the clashing of gold and diamond
produces no metal
no stone
only music
that sparkles like a diamond
and glistens like gold

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


what is a blog?
is it a log with wings
can it sing
the thing
that makes me cringe

since when did the blog
the thing
without wings
or song
or silence
confounding all senses

the thing
that is always 'in'
when it comes to written words on the net

what is a blog
a noun
that is no use
to a clown
like me

i mean what do people write
when they write a blog

and when they blog
(a verb it is)
what is it that is being done

the blog
is my ultimate blockage
serving no good purpose
abundant, profuse
proliferation of ideas
the unleashing of all creativities
earlier clogged
gooey journalism - an arm's length away
sticky, smelly, messy, slimy

a blog
is a weblog
is not the coming together of two constituent parts
but of

and yet, all the time, we blog
not knowing what means the web and what means the log.