Friday, August 19, 2011

kareoke tonight

a hermaphrodite's voice
wishes to gurgle through my soul


  1. i can make no head or tail of this post...:S

  2. Boys call it sexy voice. Karaoke definitely will rock with that :)

  3. Hei sweety..
    Wondering how u been doing! :)
    dolkar here...if u remember! ;) ur partner in blogging workshop :P

    lots of loves!

  4. hello dolkar!

    of course i remember you! so sweet of you to stop by. i'm sorry i could not respond earlier as i was away for a while. hope all is well with you. :)

  5. oh and kancha,

    the karaoke experience was awful. went there with the desire to croon, and all that came out was a squeaky, pathetic voice that i was afraid to listen to myself.

    well, more luck another time maybe.