Saturday, November 5, 2011

song of the queen of the night (in progress)

the queen of the night is here too
in my backyard
blistering with flowers

along with her fragrance
escapes a whispery song
called "Nostalgia"

which goes more or less like this -

"In me is a longing
to bloom beside your river
the water crushing against the rocks
the rocks nestled against each other
the path next to the river
those stone walled cottages
with golden light glistening outwards
and people inside them
with golden light glistening inwards.

Inhaling through their snouts
people intercept my message to you
and keep it in their hearts.

The fragrance dissipates before it reaches you
but in me are tightly knotted memories
that I let loose
every night
when the world goes dark.

In darkness, I like to bloom the best
In darkness, I can be honest
In darkness, my heart is free
to revel in your memory.

I hope my yearning to reach you
will reach you someday

I hope my longing to be with you
will come true one day."

walking away from her
i lose contact with what she sings
but in me trails along a melody
(is it mine or hers this time)
it echoes, "Take me back there, take me back there"


  1. oh your palms open with glowing candles,
    and your beautiful green skirt with jhilhile kura
    oh my banjaran with the serpent talkine tika on forehead,
    you made my day, month , year
    and i just fell from my chair laughing
    love u

  2. i was stalking you thruout
    how cud it be otherwise

  3. kitne thumke maare aapne, aur wo kamar ki lachak, aur woh mude huwe per mude huwe knee just to give the perfect pose, devis with light, shining so bright

  4. my little pot of love!

    the song was kajrare. and i was a total sucker. hahaha. but it was fun. i would have fallen from a chair if i was sitting on one myself.

    life is fun, like this.

    how is you?

    in this story, you have a strong, permanent presence in my heart, but in memory, you are fading.

    when do we see each other again?

    come, come bang into me!

    let's strike some matches, let's play with fire. let's light up, my shiny little love bug.

  5. my heart and my hara are both in jeopardy
    i am fighting 24/7
    it feels so good to know that at least
    the other pot of love is in a wide open space
    with the sun graciously pouring upon
    we all have to go through phases
    and while you are in it
    its quiet a struggle and much pain