Thursday, November 10, 2011

saathi lai nimantrana


you are invited
to come and share
to come and be

tea and biscuits
munching and crunching
phooing and sipping

our desire
of creating and destroying
and meddling forever with the alchemy of the universe

and amidst
all the talking, talking, talking left to do

you are invited
to come spend the whole day here

so we can finally make bread together!

and hopefully, even in a country like ours,
God will be kind enough and say, "Let there be light."

and there will be light
so that all the ovenwork will be completed on time

and in that bread, wont we also put
a secret ingredient -
that same stuff that hearts are made of?

only, when we break the bread
and put it in our mouths
broken hearts will melt and heal
chewing mouths will dance and squeal
merry bodies will twirl and kneel
mended hearts will begin to feel

i miss your presence, saathi

can't wait! can't wait!

1 comment:

  1. :D yes yes!!!! soon my saathi soon la :) till then, i will allow some of this energy to stick along with me to complete this mess of a november :D

    loads of love