Tuesday, November 15, 2011

remembering (ii)

where memories are vivid
and sparkle with a blueness
that spells out eternity
on a songbird's tail

to forget
is to find a way to survive


  1. Beautiful.

    (Not sure I agree with conclusion, tho ...)

  2. yeah? i'm not even sure what i mean. i found it in my notebook from ages ago. just felt like it had a nice ring to it.

    but that image next to your name looks scary. how come?

  3. It has a lovely cadence. The images tumble out, falling over themselves in their abundance. It's the idea that such memories are a threat to survival that I'm not sure about.

    And there was me thinking you were writing about me ... ;) - God, I'm such a narcissist!

    Don't understand why that image next to my name - it's not the one on my profile.