Thursday, December 22, 2011

also known as 'why fail maths in school?'

- 10 + 9 =  - 1


- 1 =  + 1

and then, here especially,

zero plus zero plus zero plus zero makes us feel like we've got a whole lot more than before

pile on.

so much of
happiness in
mere miscalculations.


  1. i didn't know -1=+1
    one time at school in my whole class i was the only one that passed in math,the whole class failed then i failed in accounts otherwise a first boy would be writing this you know...

  2. also i made that(by that i mean this by this i mean the one on my pic) burger it didn't taste that good..A tip:one should cook the whatever it is called the middle part very well yes ok...

  3. your picture is too small so whatever is in it looks like food for ants.

    the middle part is masu ni. budo khasi ko, nepal ma bhaye.

    bidesh ma ta gai kai ho.

    not a good idea to eat either of them raw.

  4. also..i am terrible at maths ni. so in my world, there are no wrong equations.