Saturday, December 3, 2011


eat my heart out in a bowl, einaudi.

scoop it out of my chest
and drink it like soup
spill it like beans

your music speaks to me like truth.

like a wild race
a wild chase
into the ether

i disappear
into the grim
slipping, memory of a song
you wrote
on the keys

in a rush
with my blood
gushing out
outside my veins
in a rush

wanting to reach out to you
to touch you
with my mind
with my hand
with my body
with these hands
i want to steal your music

listen to that. listen to that.

will it never stop
the rush
the beating of this heart
the crazy beating of this heart
the jamming of all things precious
inside a head so small
a heart so wrong
a deed so broken

look. look.

who are you, einaudi?

where does this music come,
where does it come from?

and where does it fly to
when it has flown
my heart flees along

the story is too long
too fast
stretches beyond my capacity to exist

i'm waiting to snap
but the song
does not end
it keeps on bending
from corner to corner
from moment to moment

a mad rush
you me and our stupid reality
and so many things
this is it.

this is it.

wow. that was an ugly end
to something that started with
a soar

you dropped me right into the dirt.


  1. just saw this done by our local nepali naani.

    so amazing. i'm speechless.

    i want to take credit for it in a way but thank you prajesh for sharing with the world. keep the love spreading.


  2. Ayushma didi! :) Prajesh told me that you shared my video on your blog. Thank you so much for your appreciation! Do you remember me? I'm Ms. Timila's daughter from Rato Bangala. Kamana aunty knows me very well! :)

  3. P.S your poem on Einaudi is so good! Einaudi can really reach out to a lot of people through his music and you've put it in words beautifully :)

  4. Dilasha!

    Of course I remember you. But only as a little girl. And it looks like you're all grown up.

    How wonderful that you can play such good music. It just made my day listening to something so close to heart being played by someone so close to home. I'd love to hear it in person some day. :)