Thursday, April 21, 2011

somebody blew my trumpet and it made a fine sound

and i snapped
like a rubber band
i burst
like a balloon
i fluttered
like a pack of cards
let loose
by the contracting fingers
of a magician's hands.

i must have turned into many
many little pieces.

i don't feel liberated from ugliness

but from this tense atmosphere that licks the corners of each page as it flips through my book of narcissism.

my narcissism is always too aware of,
always a little incompatible
with my ugliness.

but today i encountered
the ugliest beautiful man.
he was so ugly
and so beautiful
at the same time.

i think it set me free

tomorrow i will begin to worry
about how to let my ugliness
go unnoticed
but today i feel free.

and that is how i let a lot of sloppy ones (like this one) flow through me.

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