Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rhymes of Another Summer

music. wind. I think I'm beginning to fall in love with the sounds of the night. and they sound better in the presence of yellow light.

tonight. mass. momentum. levity. action without purpose. crescendo. yet another crescendo. a series of crescendos. and this song will never end.

Galapogos:    here and there                   I try not to mingle
                    a sweet song                     this sweetness with memory
                    hits my ears.                     but that face...                                                        

I am a complete aesthete. I see everything in terms of beauty.

twig to twig.
leaf to leaf.
flower to flower.
soul to soul.
we all are
microwaveable elements.
when music enters soul
flowers fetter
leaves tremble
twigs spin
my young head feels a dizziness
resulting from its own absence.
is it a charm?
no, I don't think so
it's just this state of normalcy
an ordinary moment
that has become all too rare.

what does one say when one wants to say all that can be said.

                poison. mono.
fingers, gasp for breath
the meaning obtuse
the single sorrow of this diverse humanity
this piece of music.
it wasn't created
it came to be.

earth. rooted.
floating. buoyant.
simple. crisp.
utter solitude
multiple solitudes
when ten digits perform their dance macabre
on the stage of black and white keys.
like the drip, drip of water
and then a dog whining.
bass. low
then high pitched pain
the fingers press out their cries.

one person
two hands
ten fingers
perform a symphony
one person
two ears
so many minds
all grasp the single essence of silence

unified. solid. collective. together. we. us. gathered. whole.

mastered                                                                                naive
innocence                                                                               ignorance

why is naive so appealing to me.
naive as a state
that supersedes innocence.

am I that child smiling
at you when you're playing the piano?

these are the things I see
when I hear the solo.

solo concerto                                                       I am always unaware
solo symphony                                                      of formalities. Readily     

The Colours of Music

            'Comptine d'un autre ete'

purple. yellow. green. red. turquoise.
                                                      maroon (?)                maybe maroon
                                                                                       after all                                               
                                                                                       maybe not.

I cannot move.
I wouldn't put anything past this music.

it's a fountain of whispers.

I could not move.

I'm listening to the amelie song
and the breeze.
my heart is going crazy.


  1. If music be the food of love,play on (William uncle the great )

  2. Dear one with choices,

    I must thank you for taking the pain of going through such a lengthy mess of words. I wasn't sure anyone would. Usually I stray from writing such long things because I know the world I live in is happier with twitter style communication. Yet, this piece of music just makes me blabber incoherently. It's almost as if this is the most important thing I have to say in life. Well, I am glad the music was able to hold your attention.


    P.S.: Imagine my joy at finding out I am being read by Shakespeare's descendants. (Apologies for the poor attempt at making a joke.)

  3. dear one with the choices hmm i feel like 'the one ';) but we all are made(what we are today and any other day) by the choices we make i think ...
    i read it more than once before and again now because you wrote something about your most important thing in life ... by this in that comment part do you mean your love for beauty that is music of the world ...
    No ,Shakespeare is not my uncle , i think ...Also have you listened to Beethoven uncle ,he is god , i think ...

  4. I have watched Amelie only once and I loved it. How can you not? Honestly, I never paid much attention to the soundtrack. I just got lost in the new style of movie making and thinking is it "magic realism" on screen. Thanks to your post, I started to dig around a little about the soundtrack. Now I'm thinking how can I not pay more attention. Sometimes I think I miss out on so many wonderful things in life just because I am simply not paying attention. I'm convinced I have ADD.
    I thoroughly enjoyed your poem but have nothing to say about it. And thanks for introducing me to "Comptine d'un autre ete."

  5. I think ADD is a myth we've created to hide the fact that there are TOO many wonderful things in the world out there - it's just not possible to pay attention to all of them ni. But thank you so much for feeling what you felt. I am so glad this piece of music touched you in the same way it has touched me. Yann Tiersen is brilliant - simple, minimalistic, but shockingly profound. Do listen to the entire album. It carries with it a clever and beautiful story of its own. :)

  6. Oh crap, I wrote a lengthy comment, and then I somehow deleted it without my awareness. So the above is only half the comment. And it's for you Prayash.

    Choices, I'm trying to recall what I wanted to say to you. I think somewhere along the lines of how the choices we refrain from making also make us who we are. I tend to postpone making choices because it maintains the illusion that I have a lot of options. Because in the end, what you choose is only one thing. But then, even postponing is a choice, hoina ra?

    Anyway, moving on to the poem. About how it is the most important thing I have to say. Mostly because I don't know how to really explain it. But if you read Prayash's comment, I think you'll get an idea. Something about this music moves people's souls. It seems to carry something of essence, some valuable thing inside it. My duty is to share. I guess when something jumps out of your soul and demands to be expressed, it has to be the most important thing you have to say. What do you think?

  7. Indeed postponing or not making choice is in itself a choice , nice reasoning are pretty good thinking jhusilikira :).

    well i cannot say about something that jumps out of my soul and demands to be expressed seriously i cannot sorry :( .Do you mean the intuition ,the innate feeling that one has ,something that has always been there , for you mentioned soul .
    Music did come to humans from the world like you wrote and felt ,like the music of wind , the music of night and the rains ..Those who created music at first must had listened to this world and loved it and then human = imitation ..

    Do listen to Beethoven he is good god i think ..I always heard he was good until i heard him he is god ..moonlight sonata and piano concerto no 5 mostly are my night time love ;) ...

  8. i may be good at thinking. but thinking in general is bad. it's so harmful for the soul. it stinks!

    and yep i did listen to uncle bee as well. isn't he wonderful. and add to that the fact that he was deaf. ufff...makes being human bearable.