Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the essence of poetry oozing, spilling, dripping, glazing my mind ooooh! so delicious, so divine, in retrograde motion. eye eye eye am utter bullshit. like you didn't already know. liar. self deceiver. put your pants on. shut up. and if you need to whine. whine to yourself. silently. my knee is your knee. is full of honey. is divine. is delicious. glazing, dripping, spilling oozing into poetry. not.

this blog has seen a change of templates more frequently than my private parts a change of underwear. 

i'm trying to put something of my own in the background. 

until then, shall learn how to scan better.

and maybe contemplate a shower.

eye candy.


  1. it hurts.
    i don't like the dark template.
    it hurts my eyes too.

  2. i guess i've achieved the desired effect then.

    did you notice the bits of yellow? this is probably what the sun feels like if you're in outer space all the time. not very comforting.

    actually, what is comforting when you're in outer space?

  3. mm...this definitely sounds like you did a little too much template browsing..that usually dodges me for a while. :) best of luck with that sketch of yours..:)

  4. space suit and an oxygen tank ??
    and perhaps a giant leap for mankind
    no i didn't notice anything yellow
    only black and white.

  5. oh my god, i agree with you. this thing is ugly beyond belief. i even lost one of my "followers" because of this, it seems. or maybe it's just the kind of stuff i'm (not?) coming up with these days.

    Prayash, didn't you notice your own name appears in a rather ostentatious yellow?

    the template is my own dark, dark inside. every night i search, but i'm unable to find the glow.

    D, i haven't seen you in ages. i come to your house soon and we scan together?