Thursday, April 21, 2011

everything deserves a name so I gave you this

everything deserves a name
and so shall you have one too.

it will simply be lovely.


just like you
it will have the most beautiful beginning
and be altogether witty
and when people read it aloud it will roll off their tongues
and roll right back in
so that it can come out again
and again.

that is how the good ones go. people just read them over and over. ask anyone you know.
and with a name like this, you could never go wrong.

and when you are tired of you
your name will still be there printed in public memory
like a logo on a little girl's shopping bag as she carries it with her when she goes out to buy potatoes.

and you will think to yourself.

" name is definitely better than 'potato'."

but you know inside
that even boiled and served without salt or pepper,
potato tastes better than you.

but you have a name, a dear little name, a happy home, so you cling to it with all your might.

and you remember how not so long ago, a 25 year old girl gave you a name as she wrote you down on her moleskine notebook that was a little too small and cluttered for her liking, but that rested comfortably on a Bukowski book she'd been reading and was taking more than just physical support from, a book which rested on her panties that had been drawn down to her thighs as she sat on the toilet pooping leisurely at about four in the afternoon while feeling her teeth with the tip of her tongue and thinking how they'd need to be brushed soon.

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