Friday, December 10, 2010

Yusuf the cat

Yusuf the cat dashed into my brain
This odd nighttime meow meow of a cat
shaves the edges of my brain
to show to me an aberration of the norm
of things having a beginning and an end

Round and round it goes in circles
without beginning nor end
without meaning nor purpose
existing, still

Brown eyes churn out an emotional mill
This delightful daytime mia mia of a girl
Sends my hair into quiet giggles

A little window opens
In flows a girl
Out flows a cat

Yusuf the cat
Sends me into shots of enlightenment
The high lows
and the low tides

Makes me say things I couldn't have dreamt of thinking
Takes me into worlds that disappear under the eyelids
Wakes me up to life
Wakes me up to life

I dreamt up thinking
Of a mia mia girl
With giggles for hair

Blue eyes stare out the ocean
Baby blue eyes
Brown ones cry
Bold brown ones

Cry looking for love
looking in
and finding out

Leave the window open
Watch it grow
As what flows out
Brings in more.