Wednesday, December 22, 2010

traveling in circles

everyday on this beaten path
life is losing innocence that cannot be regained

life is coming to multiple awarenesses of truth after truth
that define and redefine the ugly, the horrid
often within you

life is living out the daily fear
of knowing that the person you love most
will never understand you entirely

life is growing old in your soul
before it begins to show on your skin and in your bones

life is learning of all that you'd hate in yourself
and not knowing how to hate yourself
it is ultimately learning how to embrace

life is, above all, living through your days
thinking innocence lost can never be regained
and finding it at the doorsteps of death

life is a hurt; a pinch, a pain
we fuss, we crib, we curse, we pine

but innocence lost is always regained
in a way that feels just right.

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