Monday, September 23, 2013

not unfamiliar ties


look how love grows
like weed it spreads
without need

it sprouts in neglect
trusts inadequacies

every source
is contaminated with its whiff
it stinks

like stain
it sticks

cause love is the only song the universe will sing, you know.

and the story you tell me is that
god is your friend

you pour your god words on me like water
mine i store like pebbles in the mouth
i will forever fumble


and mute

you pour

and tender petals float along currents of a river
that slowly dissolve soundless stones.

you breathe

i melt into life.

love is your world
death is your cloak
you bow in prayer, that is your style

i will climb onto your lap
and play party to these rhymes
i will sail on your word
i will drown for a while
i will hold your hand
so we can dance to his song, once more.

i may have known you a long time, you know.

1 comment:

  1. it is only love that makes one grow
    the heart must learn to forget the hurts of the past
    love is infectious, the only thing that doesn't need a cure
    it is indeed universal, free for everyone!