Friday, September 27, 2013


i have surrounded my life in art
all my friends are artists or writers or geniuses of some sparkling kind or the other

their voices so loud
their words so beautiful
they'll carve you pretty pictures
and decorate it with their pain

but today, they all appear so naive to me

the truest of artists
the wisest
don't seem to create any art

they spend still, silent lives
in invisible corners

they will not do, but be

and their life is a storehouse of beauty
and every moment spent with them a revelation

i want more of that, please.

friends, how i wish we could all grow up.


  1. I, on the other hand, don't want to grow up at all. Is that bad?

  2. they call me a free-spirited bohemian eccentric... how much i force myself to be one amongst the grown ups... they always send me back to change my diaper...

  3. I should call you in my marriage.
    In time we should work on some poetry book, do you know that i think this is the only thing i actually expect from people(so basically you are the only person i expect something from hmm)

  4. hey its lee onions! I have tried calling you to see how your are getting on but can't get through and realised you never gave me your email and i never game you mine! :) my email address is [myname] (no spaces or dots etc)

  5. frequent intervals...too long since September, please don't pause for so long :)