Friday, July 27, 2012

stream of subconsciousness in the dark

the tornado hits
this corroded brain

and when we weren't heaven's
we were

and are
whoever will own us

but something in my body

tells me
i am a journey

i would not
but you were persistent

why did we die

when there was blue in the sky
and the one's who should have cherished

we were unfathomable

and you listen to your heart
and it doesn't beat

fuck it doesn't beat

who told you there was truth
in all these wanderings

i remember
from yesterday
the soul lost in its wanderings

wandering outside
wandering inside
the soul is so cold
this soul without a home
this soul that is only but a dying spark
and then we are no longer

do worlds sound right again?

do voices sound ripe again?

do words echo from a distance
uneven unforgettable

we are over
we are not there for anyone to understand

we are untouchable in each other

where did you come from

why wouldn't you stay
why did we mean enough to each other
that here is not a day

when the heart does not break

it breaks

and it breaks

first i was blinded by the light
then darkness.

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