Friday, July 27, 2012

from memory

first i knew memory

then it was gone
then it was wedded to the moon
that i was not

first we were invisible
but substance hovered
substance covered

i lost my faith in language
and then i saw it easy

turn your head 
towards your toes
look beneath
the cold floor
look beyond
the naked door

look and look
until you see 
there is a bird
inside your heart

look at the star
that greets your wart

look when we ask
how beautiful is the simple life that never makes itself understood to the most complicated creatures who refuse to see the straight in straight

they only terminate

we listen to the voices in our head
we walk upon the dead

we manifest
because we're too late
to be you, be me

we don't stop this talking
eternal speaking, yapping, barking

hopping with our words

i worry
this is what i worry about
worry for
worry if

i wont make it

i kill the bird in me
roots and feathers, clawed paws
i push the star afar

i wait at the edge of beyond 
i sit and wait and split.

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