Wednesday, January 4, 2012

the girl who carries milan kundera in her bag

off-white jacket
brown stockings
leather boots
dark brown woolen skirt -

i lost my heart in the shape of diamonds
that pattern your skirt.

as i'm coming back home through the
invisible dust of the night -
loneliness stinging my cheeks,
or is it just the wind?

may it also be possible
that i be the most special person in your life?

it mightn't

but that doesn't stop me from wishing.


  1. tears. aba ke bhanne? i'm completely convinced that jealousy is justified

  2. pinchy! ruwabasi ko ping pong matrai khelne?

    seedha seedha answer dinu sinu chhaina.

  3. timi jasto bango manche lai ke jawab dine? aba Sunday hai?