Wednesday, January 4, 2012


my mother says that it was
carnation not

whatever the case
you were smart
to wrap it in newspaper
and foolish
to stick the paper together with
scotch tape -
what did you think that is made of?

you were also foolish
to give me
the best conversation
i've had over a coffee table

i think i felt god eye me once
peering from behind
that blue mug of 'regular' coffee

you were foolish because
this conversation has wrapped itself
around my heart -
without any scotch tape, mind you -
and will stay there forever

now all my conversations across
coffee tables
will be measured against this.


  1. our conversations over coffee tables
    cannot be measuredpouredperceivedunderstood
    into any scalevesselperceptionmind
    because in this story
    the heart blurts out freely
    and the heart receives it truly
    and every time they leave the coffee table
    a new heart is born
    within the two hearts

  2. dearest,
    girl with baking soda in your hair
    now i know u live in a sonoma garden

  3. heheh. i am so tired.

    you're talking about fornicating hearts. a strange mind you have.

    heheh. i love you.