Tuesday, June 23, 2009

while nothing came our way

we waited
and created

"i experimented with love
the result: burnt petals in the rain. oh so unwashable.

i experimented with desire
but my body language
contained too many grammatical errors

i experimented with satire
and oh ya...i got a lot of laughs-
i do not want to go into exactly why that happened

i experimented with pain
and how my heart burned
but heart burn is really just belly acid rising up to the oesophagus
it's belchy, it's bilish,
it has no room in poetry.
i experimented with pain
and waited for the rain
but it was the wind that finally set me free.

i experimented with fire
as flames poked my gut
a sensation unrivaled.
and while i experimented with fire
i discovered i was unable to disappear into the smoke"

we created
and waited

1 comment:

  1. it's almost unfair that you can write like this.