Wednesday, May 6, 2009


look at how the word doesn't seem to like the way it stands
it makes a stand even while it stands
and instead of standing straight,
it slants
as if it were pointing towards something that has been unknown to us
for far too long

i fail
every time i try to define who you are,
the boundaries blur
you and me and us and them and so much more
are none

yes, every character seems to have its own story
y is like a dance,
o an expression
and u something crouching, as if it wants to remain hidden

i like most
when it encapsulates a crazy 
yapping, freakshow of a person,
passionate to the ends of her hair,
spiraling out into the universe at the rate of 55 epiphanies an hour,
and mostly,
dwelling on one word
as if understanding the weight of it on this world meant
salvation itself

asking me to build on this word
makes for good poetry...


  1. i love this!!yah saalee!i love this:the boundaries blur
    you and me and us and them and so much more
    are none
    keep it up..

  2. very beautiful, this one! yes yes yes...

  3. i think u shud change yr name..... i mean, course i luv yr name, but wen am gonna mk every1 read dis dey're gonna wanna think its frm heaney or hughes or sumthin.......! oderwise dey won believe me u c! wat 2 u say fr..... ok i'l b thinkin :D....... yr stil brilliant tho, u wanted me 2 say tht , didn u :D :D???