Friday, July 1, 2011


i will always be loaded with a history
that is you

each new relationship i enter
is colored by what we had
and what we lost

especially by what we lost.

there is a corner in my heart that is untidy
it is in that corner
that we set up a stall
and gave away our innocence
for free

we took our time getting bruised
and yet, what's left tastes
mostly sweet.

inside my heart there was a pocket for you
that is not there
it is not there at all
it is missing
it followed you out.

when you left
you tore through the stitches
leaving a hole deep and wide

now everything i put inside
comes tumbling out.


  1. Seasons come and go I suppose :(
    Here's a song/music video for you --

  2. herunjel bhayanak, tara atti ramailo pani. man paryo.

  3. I read your writing and I always want to say how much I love it but i'm not skilled enough to write anything witty or deep.

    All I can say is i identify with this line "i will always be loaded with a history
    that is you"

    And i think i held my breath while i read the rest of the lines... As usual your writing made me feel something. I like it.

  4. thank you amanda. i am glad to know the poem resonated with you.