Tuesday, May 10, 2011

defected poem intact with title in disarray

a love that frees
is also a love that inevitably confines
is also a love that flees.

i wish for a love that binds
like the bending metal
of a ring that curls
and holds tight a finger on my hand.

so even when you're not around
i'll always feel held.

i haven't been held for five months
months that have stretched into infinite forevers
skin shriveling incurably.

silent corners of my body
are waiting to be heard
in quiet desperation
for some body
to return a greeting.

the love i desire to feel
is also a love that
before my eyes
before it earns the name
of love.

something along the lines of how
before it's birthed
it dies.

the love i remember
is also the love
i tried to make
both raw and overripe
and just as you'd expect from me
i took a bite.

ashes in my mouth
taste like a distant dream
of someone sleeping whom
i should not have woken.

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