Thursday, March 24, 2011

The story of your life

So I met the love of my life
And that would have ended as a happy story
Had not the love of his life
Been that other girl
The love of whose life
Was this boy
Who was absolutely certain
He was in love with me.


  1. :)
    and did this boy know that there is already someone who is in love with you...<3

  2. each saw what they wanted to see
    none saw what needed to be seen.

  3. I am not a poet so I can't express why i like this... but I like it a lot. It is simple and beautiful.

  4. thank you amanda! i think it makes sense to people whom it's happened to. but i also think it happens a lot.

  5. am luvin ur posts. i just discovered 'em now. and guess wat found that u n' i have the same template:)

  6. good to know you're enjoying my poems.

    a little creeped out knowing we seem to be sharing the same bed!