Thursday, January 6, 2011

inside this wormy little head

inside this wormy little head
are seven sparrows twittering out a song
that is your name
backwards and forwards.

forward and backward
your name
is an endless song sung by a host of sparrows
that know not how they got
inside my wormy little head.

your name
is also my love
is also your absence.

inside this wormy little head
curls only your memory.


  1. Okay so I thought I'd comment only when I had something important to say but ah well, that's not going to happen. Okay, I love: the worm and then the sparrow in the worm's head. Sparrows eat worms no? So-lovely. And then the worm is curling and the memory is curling and I am curling and this is so not a good enough response but when have I ever responded properly to your poems? I'll just curl up with your poem? Good plan.