Tuesday, June 8, 2010

duet - inspired by mango-like breasts

"now. now, i can see you fly"
"fly. float. glide. the sea swims in me"
"oh, i see the sea too, skulking in your radiant pink stomach"
"breasts bare after so long. watch them breathe."
"like mangoes slumbering with delight. see a slow falling leaf"
"a slow dying leaf. slowly fills life in me."
"i can see you breathe now, your breasts waking with a lazy glee
look at me now, floating into your dreaming eyes"
"my fingers dream up your touch. memory coats a layer over me."
"i will peel it through your skin and brush over"
"you will when you can. for now, distances hover."
"i will slice them with my violence, the distances of lovers"
"i stand firm between the moon and the water.
i, without my lover, they, without each other."
"you have let me die on slow hover, a flash of a quiver. never forgetting"
"in memory, i ache. in absences, you linger."


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