Friday, January 1, 2010

the next big poem

feels like the time for a new poem is here
what with the new year
and new friends
and a newer melody of loneliness
that now triggers these brain cells.

oh, talking about brain cells,
i don't know what's happened to them lately
i cannot read
i cannot write
i cannot -
see i got distracted while writing this poem
and that has never happened to me before.

for some reason, i am not into what i am in.
and for the first time in my life,
i am unable to understand the phrase -
"there are two kinds of people in this world,
those who believe that there are two kinds of people
and those who know better."
something whose significance used to strike me,
whose humor has stung me repeatedly,
but now, intelligence is seated in nostalgia.
and now an intelligent phrase
makes me intelligent
only in memory.

yes, friends, to put it simply,
i have dumbed down,
if you too have noticed, you will stop reading further.

if not, then let's dumb down together.

the next big poem
is composed of sloppy notes
of a degenerating state of mind.

the next big poem
is here
without further procrastination.

the next big poem
is a mistake
that we are all eager to make.

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