Wednesday, July 1, 2009

title pending under indecision

i face the earth
you face the stars
and in our faces linger the yearning
of ageless hours
of fraught sunshine
and tangled moonbeams
and the rain choking
and the humiliated coffee bean

i smash the earth in your face
you smash the stars in mine
i go bright with disgrace
and you grow dark like the sun never shined

we claw at each other with the nails of our heart
we don't know how to part, my love,
we don't know how to part
we claw
and we wound
deliberately we beat
and we hack
and we wring and we strangle at every angle
we pull and we yank
and we slit and we stab
our follies have scarred every limb
every joint
every smile we shall smile
is stitched with a thousand lies
we groan and we moan
and we kick and we prick
and we smash-squeeze-shove-screw-PULVERIZE!

but you never die
and i never die

why all this fuss, my love,
why all this fuss

a flower loses a petal
but a flower does not bark
a flower does not bark
in daylight
or in the dark

but listen to me shriek, my love,
day and night
one loss of love, my love,
and an eternity of fright

what's left of you sits beside what's left of me

we don't know how to part, my love,
we don't know how to part
as petal-less flowers bloom in our heart


  1. its lovely ... amazing ...
    ive always wondered .. are these about someone??..i guess not ... but theyre great .

  2. (am i allowed to say this?) god. i'm silent in my appreciation. i hope you can feel it.

  3. Nice read. I can but only imagine the feelings.

  4. i just realised you changed the title.. and i read it and i wondered.. where have i heard this.. and i just got it. and now i don't know whether to laugh or to cry.

  5. i'm laughing now. but i may begin to cry in a little while. so feel free to do both. :)

    also, it all turned out so well, in the end didn't it? a perfect match.